Membership: Open to all who want to glorify “God in the highest” through singing.
Rehearsals: On a flexible schedule at the Church.
Purpose: Sing the praises of the Lord and enhance the beauty of the Divine Liturgy and other Divine Services.
Bea Parash, Choir Director: 631-283-9590.


Membership open to: Boys 5th – 12th Grades.
Meetings: Held four times a year.
Purpose: To assist the Priest during the Divine Services by serving with care and reverence in the Holy Altar.


Participation open to: All those who desire to learn the ancient Byzantine chant.
Purpose: To offer praises to God through Byzantine hymnology in our Divine Services.


Purpose: To maintain proper church etiquette and help the congregation in entering and exiting the Church in a reverent and dignified manner. To also assist the faithful in emergencies which may occur during the different services. Ed Floros, 631-267-8977.