All Orthodox Christian Parishioners in good standing for one year are eligible to run for one of the nineteen elected positions. The elections take place yearly on the second Sunday in December in the Church Hall for seven of nineteen positions. All parishioners in good standing are eligible to vote and the Council members serve a three-year term.


The Parish Council, with the guidance of the Priest, is the body that manages and oversees all operations of our Church and Parish Community. Its duties include: administering the Parish’s operating procedures, business concerns, and fund-raising activities.


The Parish Council meets once a month at the Church.

Parish Council 2015

Parish Priest: Fr. Alex Karloutsos
Parish Priest: Fr. Constantine Lazarakis
President: Gus Karpathakis
Vice President: Stephanie Bitis
Secretary: Liza Soulopoulos
Treasurer: Peter Nikiteas
Vice Treasurer: John Goudelias


Joe Badilla

Paul Coulouris

George Gounellas

Maryann Hamill


Evans Hillen

Dimitri Kessaris

Tony Mavis

George Michaels

Christine Vamvakitis